Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MEME Challenge passed to me

I got the turn from the Tablet Master Hugo Ortega:

1. I am a 24 yo Software Engineer. I have worked in HP, Concept Systems Ltd. and currently in IronGate, a Spanish hardware manufacturer.

2. I moved to Madrid with my girlfriend, few months ago, after spending some time in Edinburgh.

3. In my free time I do Science (Computational Neuroscience) in the UAM's Neural Processing Laboratory.

4. I enjoy playing and composing music as an amateur, of course. I played drums in a couple of metal bands (1996-2002), saxophone in a wind orchestra (1996-1999), accordion with other 15 accordionists (1994-1999) and since April'06 a violin.

5. I really enjoy computers, I have spent most of my time, since I was a kid, improving and learning new skills and I maintain my "real" blog about this topic. I am proud to have done some kernel work in the OpenBSD Project in the past. Now I focus on becoming proficient in the analisys and design stages of software development.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Irene said...

I'm 24. I'm a social educator and I'll be a psychologist soon. I haven't worked in any cool place, so I can't say anything regarding to that :P

I was doing an European Voluntary Service in Edinburgh for a year where I was 7 months with my boyfriend.

In my free time I do nothing apart from spending my time with the Internet, hehe, not completely true but..

I don't play any instrument, in fact I don't really like them, or perhaps they don't like me... I dinnae ken :)

And.. that's it!


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